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Are you looking for modern, beginner friendly quilt patterns? Are you drawn to the satisfaction of creating something that reflects your unique style? Quilting fosters both emotional and social wellbeing with true enjoyment of the process! Quilting is a uniquely creative art form that can be done by anyone. You don't need to have an artistic bone in your body to be able to feel productive and experience pure satisfaction when you create something tangible with your hands! Check out my extensive selection of modern, fast and easy quilt patterns! 

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Small Batch Inventory

I've got a unique approach – small batch inventory. It means creative goodies are made with extra care and attention, just for you. And if you're around the neighborhood, local pickup and delivery are always on the table. I'm all about keeping it local and avoiding those extra steps to get your quilts to your doorstep.

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Make your house your home with a unique, modern and artistic wall hanging or barn quilt! Statistics show that individualizing your living space fosters both emotional and social wellbeing! Recent years have brought a newfound appreciation and investment in the home, with a desire for individuality and mindfulness. A focus on aesthetics has led to increased value on design and beauty, not only for the sake of beauty itself, but for personal fulfillment and individuality.


Thoughtfully Designed


I have worked in the science field for over 30 years and have always used quilting and sewing as a creative outlet. I have recently incorporated scientific elements into my quilting journey by designing patterns that showcase equipment and tools that I use in the lab on a daily basis. I hope to bring my customers on a journey with me to explore the science behind colour, quilting and creativity.

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