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Hey there, lovely to meet you! I'm Jody Groenendyk, the proud owner of Gingerberry Quilts! By day, I'm a scientist, diving deep into the world of biochemistry, but by night, I unleash my creativity as a passionate quilter.

At Gingerberry Quilts, I specialize in crafting modern, sustainable quilt patterns that reflect my love for contemporary design. Whether it's designing a new pattern or providing longarm quilting services, I pour my heart into every stitch.

My background as a scientist influences my approach to quilting – just like in the lab, I enjoy experimenting with fabrics, patterns, and quilting techniques. It's all about creating a 'protocol' for each project, carefully crafting each step to achieve the desired result.

I'm drawn to modern, edgy, and creative designs that push the boundaries of traditional quilting. From bold color choices to innovative patterns, I strive to infuse each piece with my unique aesthetic.

So, whether you're looking for a standout quilt pattern, professional longarm quilting services, or handcrafted quilts and accessories, Gingerberry Quilts has got you covered! Let's embark on a creative journey together.

Jody Groenendyk

Gingerberry Quilts

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