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Fibonacci Quilt Pattern - PDF copy

Fibonacci Quilt Pattern - PDF copy

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I love this word - Fibonacci!

This quilt is a modern approximation of the Fibonacci sequence, which is similar to the Golden Ratio or Spiral, found in nature in flowers, plants, pinecones, snails and spiral galaxies in space! Fibonacci’s famous number sequence was simple: to get the next number in the sequence, add the previous two numbers. It was his answer to a popular number riddle: suppose a pair of rabbits, male and female, mate every month and their offspring produce a pair of male and female rabbits. How many rabbits will there be in one year? The answer is 144, a Fibonacci number.

There are multiple squares in this design and the quilt can be made with any combination of colours.

There are two sizes included, 36" x 54" and 54" x 72".

This pattern is an easy finish for a confident beginner.

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To order this pattern separately, please purchase and you will receive the PDF via email within 24 hours.

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