Welcome and Hello!

Welcome and Hello!

Hey there, it's Gingerberry Quilts!

So, I'm in a bit of a pickle – trying to fit labels like Ginger, Berry, Outgoing, and Introverted on myself. I've always been a firm believer in disliking labels, but here I am, embracing them just to help you get to know me a little better. Well, maybe you don't need any help in that department, and in that case, you're the exception to the rule!

Now, let's talk about these labels – they seem like oxymorons, right? Ginger is sharp, Berry is sweet, Outgoing is sharp, and Introverted is sweet. You're probably thinking, how on earth do these words fit together? The truth is, they don't always have to make perfect sense. The name Gingerberry came to be because of my love for Saskatoons (but that's too long for a business name!) and my ginger cat, Leo. Plus, let's be honest, it just rolls off the tongue so nicely.

And speaking of words that roll off the tongue, "Ambivert" is another one I absolutely adore! It's basically the definition of an Outgoing Introvert. I'd even nominate Ambivert as the Word of the Year – it's just that perfect. An Ambivert is someone with a personality that's a balanced mix of extroverted and introverted qualities. It's funny how this term has been popping up everywhere lately. Covid made me realize just how much I enjoy my alone time, yet I still look forward to socializing. So, yes, you've guessed it – I'm an Ambivert! It's fantastic to have a word that perfectly describes what I am.

Just saying, Ambiverts have a much easier time adjusting their approach to different people and situations, which allows us to connect with a wide range of folks. We're pretty flexible that way!

So, what about you? Are you an Ambivert? You might be if...

  • You're equally comfortable doing tasks alone or in a group.
  • Social settings don't faze you, but you do need your "me time."
  • Being the center of attention is cool, but not for too long.
  • People either see you as quiet or highly social.
  • You enjoy downtime, but not too much, or it gets boring.
  • You have deep conversations but also spend a lot of time in your head.
  • Small talk can be exhausting, but you're pretty good at it.
  • You could easily spend 10 hours a day sewing (or doing your favorite activity!).

So, what's the verdict – are you an Ambivert too?

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Happy Sewing!


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