Top Ten Tools for the Modern Quilter

Top Ten Tools for the Modern Quilter

This is about as tidy as my studio ever gets! To keep things neat, comfy, and make my quilting journey even more enjoyable, I've gathered a list of my absolute favorite tools that I turn to every time I quilt.

Tea Towel and Quilt Pattern Bundle: I can't help but give a shoutout to my tea towels! Tea towels are a household staple, and this bundle combines modern quilt patterns with charming quilt designs on tea towels. It's the perfect treat for yourself or a fellow quilter!

Fuzzy Slippers: Am I the only one who's toes turn into icicles while sewing? I adore my fuzzy wool slippers from Glerups, and I've heard that Birkenstock has some tempting fuzzy options too!
Bluetooth Speaker: Sewing and podcasts go hand in hand for me. I've always got a quilty podcast playing on my Google Mini, so having a Bluetooth speaker cranked up is a must to hear it over the sewing machine's hum.

Ott Light: Good lighting is essential in the sewing world! I rely on a standing light and two Ott lights to ensure I have the perfect illumination for sewing and snapping Instagram-worthy pics. has everything you need to brighten up your sewing space.

Air Purifier: Between sewing and my long arm machine, there's always a cloud of fabric dust in the air. An air purifier nearby does wonders for keeping the dust down and reducing the need for constant cleaning!

Cozy Seat Cushion: Comfort is key when you're sewing up a storm, whether you have a comfy chair or a trusty seat cushion like my Gypsy Seat Cushion. It may not look fancy, but it's oh-so-cozy!

Rolling Cart: To keep all those essential tools close at hand, a rolling cart is a lifesaver. Space around the sewing machine is always at a premium, so I have two utility carts—one for my longarm thread and the other for my sewing machine tools.

Retractable Measuring Tape: When it comes to measuring fabric, retractable measuring tapes are quick and handy. I've got about five of them scattered throughout my studio to ensure there's always one within reach.

Rotating Cutting Mat: For all the trimming and squaring up of HSTs and blocks, a rotating cutting mat makes the task so much easier. And trust me, I'm not a fan of trimming, but this mat definitely helps.
Flatter Spray: Ironing is a necessary evil (not my favorite task), but Flatter spray makes those blocks look incredibly professional.

You can find most of these items at your local quilt shop or online. If you need more info on where to get them, just drop me a message!

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Happy Quilting!
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