The Science of Colour - How do we see Colour?

The Science of Colour - How do we see Colour?

How do we see Color?

Color is a wonderful language of its own, and it has the power to communicate with us in countless ways. It whispers stories through its spectrum of hues, shades, and tones, casting a mood and setting the stage for our quilts. Whether we opt for a warm and comforting palette or a vibrant and lively fusion of colors, each selection contributes to the tale our creations tell.

But have you ever wondered how our journey with color begins? Well, it all starts when we enter this world, seeing only in black, white, and shades of gray. Red, with its longer wavelength, becomes our first colorful experience, easily processed by our developing eyes and nerves. As the months pass, we gradually embrace the full spectrum of colors, connecting them with different sensations and perceptions, generating our early memories.

Colors are among the very first lessons we learn as kids. We're shown the sea and taught, "This is blue," and from that moment, we're absolutely sure of the color blue. It often becomes our first favorite color, and it's not by chance. Our fondness for a particular color isn't in our genes but resides in our perceptions. It's all about how we feel about the things associated with a certain color. Take the color orange, for example; your preference for it may be influenced by your feelings towards objects like carrots, traffic cones, or oranges. Now, think about blue. Notice how most things associated with it tend to be positive. Negative blue things? They're pretty hard to come by. We typically associate blue with the sea or picture a beautiful, clear sky on a sunny day.

What's most particular for quilters is color's potential for personal expression. Our attraction to specific colors is deeply rooted in our experiences, memories, and individual tastes. Whether we take comfort in earthy tones or revel in the brilliance of jewel-like shades, our color choices are a reflection of our unique personalities. Through color, we transfer our artistic spirit into our quilts, ensuring that each creation is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Happy Sewing!

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