Rhyme without a Reason

Rhyme without a Reason

How many times have you looked up the size of a throw quilt, or queen, or king? I do a few custom sized quilts and I without fail google the sizes! So, I decided to make up a rhyme to remember…

A King lives to 100, his Queen is 90, with 90 even strength as length. The Double boss is 80 x 84 across but is still single at 60 x 80. The chap makes a Lap of 60 x 72 while the Crib does ad-lib for 40 x 60!

These are approximate sizes only and can vary by several inches depending on who you talk to!

A bit of a back story. I have been in school for almost half of my life. Approximately 22 years (grade 1-12, 4 years Uni and 6 years grad school). Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who has a photographic memory, but I do remember rhymes and where things are located (so open book exams were a breeze!). I went to school for sciences and specialized in Biochemistry. To help remember the amino acids (there are 23), I made a rhyme about the hardest ones to remember. Most of them are based on the first letter, for example, Proline is P, alanine is A etc. There are several that don’t follow this rule. Aspartate (D) is a Date and Glutamate (E) is Eight, Asparagine (N) is Neen while Glutamine (Q) is Queen, Lysine is Kain while Arginine is Rain – makes no sense but it worked for me!

I also use rhymes to remember my licence plate and occasionally to remember peoples’ names!

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