Plaidish Quilt Pattern
This is a free pattern designed by Kitchen Table Quilting and it is an excellent choice for using up scraps!
I completed this quilt last winter and we use it on our couch for snuggling. I just realized though, it glows in the dark!! Several of the squares on this Plaidish Quilt are from a scrap of Halloween fabric that featured a glow in the dark skeleton! I didn't figure this out until a few weeks ago when I stayed up with hubby to watch a movie. This is one of the few quilts that I have kept and we use daily. One of my favourites!⁠

While assembling this quilt, I learned a lot about colour! For this quilt, you need to separate your scraps into light, medium and dark. So because I am a researcher, I spent some time researching colour!

Each colour has three characteristics, Hue, Value and Chroma. These three work together to create great colour combinations for quilt design. 

Hue is the name of the colour, such as blue, red, green etc. Hues are the colours of the visual spectrum (rainbow) versus mixtures of hues, which are all the colours. Interestingly, black, white and gray are not hues!

Value is the lightness or darkness factor. The lighter the colour, the higher the value and vice versa, the darker the colour, the lower the value. The changes in value allow us to perceive three dimensional objects and is incredibly useful in painting. 

Chroma is the purity of the colour. For example, if you mix red with black, you will get burgundy. This lowers the strength of the original hue, red. Chroma is not a commonly used word when it comes to colour. We use words like bright, vibrant, vivid to describe high chroma colours while using words such as muted, dull, or soft to describe lower chroma colours. 

So, for example, if you describe a colour as being light teal blue, you have described the three characteristics of a colour!

One website that was excellent in describing these characteristics is It was very helpful in piecing this quilt.

Good luck with choosing your colours for your next quilting project!

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