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Bad Choice Story - Tea Towels?

Bad Choice Story - Tea Towels?

Have you been wondering about Tea Towels? This is another Bad Choice Story!

I have a really bad case of the squirrels! Just like a dog, my attention can move from one thing to another really really fast! When I see something I like, I instantly go all out with it.

I recently took a mini course from Stacie Bloomfield from Creative Powerhouse Society on starting a tea towel subscription. It was an awesome course and Stacie is a great teacher! My mind started churning and the idea that I came up with was that I would get tea towels printed with my quilt patterns, bundle them with a physical booklet of the pattern and send that out quarterly per year. Beautiful and functional!

So I went ahead and ordered 400 tea towels...

Then I did a launch of my quilt pattern and tea towel club! Crickets unfortunately.

My husband put it most succinctly. What do tea towels have to do with quilt patterns? He was asking honestly but he hit the nail on the head! I didn't have an answer.

So this Bad Choice Story is still ongoing as I try to move 400 tea towels! I am currently doing in person markets to divest myself of a few, and luckily friends and family have also bought some.

Maybe you are interested in a few??

Happy Sewing!


PS. These tea towels are awesome though. They are made from 100% cotton flour sack material and are soft and absorbent!

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