Another Bad Choice Story...

Another Bad Choice Story...

Well, I have another Bad Choice Story to relate! I recently tried the Puff Quilt tutorial from @loandbeholdstitchery to make a pet bed. Awesome make but a steep learning curve for me!

I used colourful scraps to make 5-inch squares and ticking to make the 4.5-inch squares. I then sewed on three sides of the two squares with a pucker to gather up the excess on the top square. It makes a nice little pocket that is ready to be filled with batting.

Next, I sewed the pockets into strips and filled the first strip with poly batting to give it that extra bit of puffiness. I sewed the strip closed, gathering the excess as I went. After that, I sewed the next unfilled row to the filled row and stuffed it with poly, sewing closed as I went. Worked perfectly!

I was on my last row, madly sewing the poly filled pockets, tucking the poly in as I went, when an errant finger got in the way of the flying needle! This puff quilt technique does require fingers to be very close to the foot and as I tend to go much too quickly for anything good (highest speed), I sewed my finger right through. The needle broke (thankfully!!), otherwise I would still be attached to the machine. It didn’t go through my nail, only the fleshy part of the tip of my pointer finger.

It really didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and it also didn’t bleed as much as I expected! I am not a pretty patient – I’m a fainter when I see my own injuries – but I was stoic and just wrapped it up and finished the puff quilt! My finger healed up in a day! I was very lucky...

I hope you will never sew your finger!!



Once again, I hope it is obvious where my bad choice lies? (Always in too much of a hurry!)

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